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Employees are without a doubt the most important resource a business owner has. They bring all of the services and products to life and allow your business to grow, but they also come with aspects that are difficult to navigate. Much like everything else associated with business, having employees comes with its own set of rules and regulations. The HR Group will remove every obstacle associated with managing employees and help increase employee retention.

Human Resources


There are over 2,000 human resource related regulations in effect, making it one of the most frustrating parts of running a business. The HR Group can help relieve the stress of staying up-to-date by supplying all of the tools and resources needed to stay in compliance. Everything from workplace posters to the proper human resource forms, your company will be a model of human resource standards.


Having boundaries and rules are paramount to maintaining order in a business. The enforcement of these boundaries are expressed as rewards and disciplinary action. This can be a difficult task with huge amounts of grey area. This can be made easy by working with The HR Group. We will not only help you develop the boundaries and rules; we will also deal with the unpleasant task of disciplinary action. You will never again be left alone to navigate uncomfortable human resource situations.


Are all of your employee files up to date? Where are they stored? Maintaining employee files is a tedious, seemingly endless task with its own set of ambiguous rules. Fortunately for you, The HR Group has the resources to help you set up employee files and will store and maintain them for you.


The best way to improve employee retention is with a benefits plan. The HR Group will administrate your current benefits program, relieving you of the added stress but leaving you all of the positive results. If you don’t have a benefit plan, don’t worry! The HR Group will assist you in finding the best fit for you and your employees.