The amount of stress and time consumption that is associated with employee administration is enough to slow most growing business to a dead halt.

WEDOHR is a complete solution to support your growing business, handling all administration functions from Payroll and Taxes to Compliance and Human Resources. Every service we offer will be tailored to your specific company, to strengthen your current business model. We want to help your business succeed, not to run it.


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  • - Payroll tailored to your needs
  • - Just report the hours and relax
  • - Pay your employees any way they want


  • - Maintain and store employee records
  • - Administrate your existing benefits
  • - Handel all your disciplinary action


  • - Lower costs with better insurance
  • - Resolve workers' compensation claims
  • - Implement return to work programs

"We have experienced an excellent working relationship with HRS. They provide us with great customer care and paychecks are always on time and accurate."

- Sharon Wand

Dick Wand Construction

"With the new immigration laws and guidelines in place relating to employee screening, it has taken a huge responsibility off my shoulders to let the professionals at HRS cover the paperwork and required documentation."

- Claire Esichen

Accent Ornamentals Nursery, LLC.

"One issue I can remember was that a worker comp. insurance company was hassling one of my employees, HRS was on it and my employee's problems were solved."

- Phil McBeth

McBeth Inc.