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HR Support Inc. – Your PEO, Employee Leasing and HR Outsourcing Company

Discover your true potential. In order for your business to find its true potential, you must be operating with pure focus. Distractions cost you opportunity. Tasks that can be managed by someone other than a company owner include setting up and administering human resources, tax deductions, payroll service, and workers compensation insurance. That’s where we step in.

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PEO’s Make All the Difference for Effective Business Management

Ask our clients: recently a client of ours created their own human resources department after 4 years of business with us. They give us the credit for helping them grow their company from a 5 employee organization to over 400 by relieving them of the basic burdens of growth and helping them understand their employee expenses through wage cost analysis. We make business employee management simple – including payroll, taxes, deductions, hiring, firing, bonuses, warnings, complaints, allegations, lawsuits, leaves of absence and unemployment insurance.

HR Support is here to make your life better by helping you accomplish more with less work, while relieving you of potentially damaging, time-consuming liabilities. You have enough weight on your back running your company – making sure the money, work and jobs keep coming in, expanding your business model, and keeping your employees busy. Let us take care of the arduous responsibilities that slow you down, all while we protect you.

Business Management Best Practices – Avoid Business Pitfalls

It is no mystery why so many companies crash and burn; the difficulties and costs associated with management are enough to drag many of them down. Take into account the potential liabilities with various governing bodies, industry regulators and service providing companies you interact with to see how one wrong step can be disastrous. HR Support takes the target off of you for the IRS, State Revenue Departments and your insurance companies.

No More Audit Nightmares – Business Liability Reduction and Legal Support

Ever stared down the barrel of a shotgun? That’s what it feels like when an IRS or worker’s comp insurance provider shows up to audit your company. When you take advantage of employee leasing with HR Support, you can kindly ask the auditors to direct their questions to us. Not only that but if the auditors find errors or mistakes within your company’s taxes or insurance filings at HR Support, you aren’t liable. We are.

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Employee Risks – Business Employee Management

When trouble brews from within, we are here to help. On the job disputes are frequent, as are situations that cause individuals to feel uncomfortable. When you contract with HR Support this creates an avenue that any employee, management or you as an owner can take to seek resolution. HR Support acts as a middleman in situations where mediation is necessary, and takes steps to help you resolve issues including doling out employee warnings, or penalties. HR Support communicates effectively with your employees to let them know when changes are needed. Occasionally disgruntled employees will seek retribution through lawsuits, and that’s where our full legal support steps in.

Employee Benefit Options

Want to Offer Your Employees Benefits? No problem. Utilize our benefit cafeteria plans to craft possible benefit packages, then your employees pick and choose what they prefer to best enhance their lives. We handle the deductions and payments to the various benefit providing companies, you look like a hero. We administer health insurance, supplemental insurance, IRA/401K retirement plans, and more.

Surprise: Low Cost of Entry for Outsourcing Human Resources

This could sound too good to be true, but outsourcing human resources is not only extremely cost-effective in the long run; it is ridiculously inexpensive in the short term. A small fee is the only setup cost while payroll and other costs are billed within your pay cycle, which represents very little change to what you are currently doing. If you currently have a deposit with your Worker’s Compensation insurance company you may even be able to put that back in your pocket when we manage that contract. To get started the effort required on your part is limited to an administrative questionnaire.

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Click here to contact us and begin a free analysis. We will demonstrate exactly how we can streamline your business processes for more effective management of resources, time and energy, while providing effective business legal support, outsourced employee benefits, and increased productivity.

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